What You Need to Know About the New Macs (iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch)

Mac Mini 2012


Apple is also updating part of their Mac lineup. They introduced the new MacBook Pro, the new iMac and a new Mac mini. Here’s what’s new.


1) The new MacBook Pro

macbook pro retina 2012_13inch

The new MacBook Pro now comes with a 13-inch Retina Display. According to Schiller, the 13-inch Pro is Apple’s biggest seller when it comes to computers. He called it combining the best of their products: MacBook Pro 13-inch and the MacBook Pro with Retina. It’s a bit a a pricey machine at $1700, but it’s affordable compared to the higher configurations. The storage starts out a bit weak at 128GB for a Pro, but it can be upgraded to 768GB of Flash storage. Link


2) The new iMac

Mac Mini 2012

The new iMac is a nice, LED-backlit screen with a 75 percent reduction in glare. You can get up to 3TB of storage, or 768GB of flash. They also have a Fusion Drive option. This is a hybrid of a regular HDD and the Flash storage. It’s essentially the best of both worlds. Pay for the capacity of your spinning HDD, but get the speed of flash drives. It makes smart use of the partition (it actually treats it all as one drive) but it optimizes usage. For instance, if you use Final Cut often, it will use the Flash storage for that application. If GarageBand tends to sit in your computer and is rarely used, it will put that on the HDD section, this means the apps you use get the speed of Flash. According to Schiller, this all happens in the background.

The new iMac introduces a breakthrough storage option called Fusion Drive, which combines a high-capacity hard drive with high-performance flash storage. Fusion Drive automatically and intelligently manages your data so that frequently used apps, documents, photos, and other files stay on the faster flash storage, while infrequently used items move to the hard drive. You’ll enjoy shorter boot times, and as the system learns how you work, you’ll experience faster application launches and quicker file access.

The new iMac is also much thinner than the previous one. The edges are only five millimeters thick. Link


3) The new Mac mini

The Mac mini also received a bit of an upgrade. The body is still the same. It now has a 2.5Ghz dual-core intel Core i5 with the basic configuration. It’s loaded with a 500GB hard drive. Here is the back:

Mac Mini 2012




Apple had a few surprises this time around. We all knew what was coming, but the rumors didn’t nail everything. It’s always nice to get a bit of a surprise when an announcement comes around. Even though a lot of it is revealed by the rumors beforehand, it’s nice when we don’t know some of it. Seeing the new iMac was neat.

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