Why Apple Maps is Good for Competition

iOS 6 Maps

Apple Maps has a few problems, to say the least. Users have been talking about problems with the application finding places, or even getting them to the proper destination. It’s early, and it’s a work in progress. Many won’t remember when Google Maps was very much the same, but they’ve improved dramatically since they debuted and now we have a great product. Apple Maps itself isn’t yet a great product, but it has brought some good things. Mainly, increased competition.

First, let’s look back at Google Maps for iOS. It was accurate, but it was falling way behind what other apps were doing. It hadn’t changed much for about five years. It wasn’t necessarily bad, because it worked. Still, it wasn’t really a good navigation app, either. Now that Apple ditched Google Maps, Google is working fast to provide their own application to give iOS users the mapping app they want. Because Apple Maps has turn-by-turn navigation and 3D maps, Google is implementing some of those features, in order to make theirs truly the best. In other words, it will be more on par with its Android counterparts.

We have also seen other map app makers release improved versions in the past few months. As soon as we all learned that Apple was updating the Maps app, applications like CoPilot released updates with great improvements. These apps will only continue to improve, and Apple’s own mapping app will also be updated as it received fixes. In the end, it will create a much better selection of maps whether we want to go with Apple, Google, Garmin, whatever.

For now, there are workarounds, but we are sure that Apple Maps will continue to improve, and can one day become the application Apple, and we, wanted it to be from the start. Either way, choices are good for everybody.


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