Adjusting Audio Playback Between Right and Left Headphones

The iPhone continues to be known for its inclusion of the Music feature, as well as multiple other audio and video features.

This is part of its evolution from the iPod, which popularized mobile music and MP3s.  Every handset comes with a pair of headphones, and you will find that users will plug them in regularly to listen to a variety of content types.  Users may be surprised to learn that they actually have quite a bit of control over how the headphones playback the audio.  As part of the iPhone’s accessibility tools, you have the option to adjust the playback between the left and right headphone.  Here is a look at how to switch between headphones on your iPhone.

Start by going into Settings and then select General, which is at the top of the fourth block of options.  Towards the bottom you will find Accessibility, which will be directly under International.  Here you will find the Accessibility options broken down into different special needs categories.  Under Hearing you will find a bar that runs between L and R, which indicate Left and Right.


As a default it will be set in the middle, which means that playback happens equally for each headphone.   If you lean it more towards the L then it will play more in the left, and if you lean it more to the R then it will play more out of the right.  You can then adjust this according to how you want playback to work.  If you can hear better in the left ear than the right, then you may want to head it more in the direction of the right so that it plays louder for that ear.


If you are adjusting because you can only hear adequately out of a single ear you will want to first hit the Mono switch above it.  This will make it so that the audio plays in a Mono mode instead of Stereo, that way there will not be sounds missed by allowing for only a single headphone.  Many stereo songs play different sounds out of each headphone to give it audio depth, but if you are only using a single headphone then you will miss some of the sound.  So you will need to indicate that Mono is to be used so that all the sounds will come out of all the available headphones.  You will then lean the L and R bar all the way to the proper headphone so that you will be able to listen to it just out of the ear that is best.

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