An Interesting Look at Siri: Is Siri Really Apple’s Future?

This is a very interesting read on Siri. It starts by comparing Apple’s built-in personal assistant with Google’s Voice commands, but only to call comparisons “misplaced.”

For instance, they explain that Google has the advantage of great algorithmic tuning, and more than ten years of building itself as a top search engine. However, they mention this:

Google Search has an Achilles heel: you have to tell Google your intent and essentially instruct the CLI to construct and carry out the search. If you wanted to find a vegetarian restaurant in Quincy, Massachusetts within a price range of $25-$85 and you were a Google Search ninja, you could manually enter a very specific keyword sequence: “restaurant vegetarian quincy ma $25…$85″ andstill get “about 147,000 results (0.44 seconds)” to parse from. [All examples hereon are grossly simplified.]

But it also talks about Siri and how it works in context and based on your habits, when it can:

And yet even when a conventional search engine can correlate “nice” with “romantic” or “cozy” to better filter Asian restaurants, it won’t matter to you if you cannot afford it. Google doesn’t have access to your current bank account, budget or spending habits. So for the restaurant recommendation to be truly useful, it would make sense for it to start at least in a range you could afford, say $$-$$$, but not $$$$ and up.

It’s a cool little read. You can check it out here: Counternotions

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