Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars is now available. It actually looks kind of interesting. After seeing roughly 400 Angry Birds games in the last year, we’d grown a bit tired of it. However, aside from the Star Wars twist.

Some of the birds have special abilities that are inspired by their movie counterparts. For instance, the Han Solo bird can shoot things with his blaster while in the air. The space levels often take place on circular objects with their own gravitational pull. I’m pretty sure Angry Birds Space did this, but that game probably didn’t grab Star Wars fans like this one will. If you’ve ever played Super Mario Galaxy, you may have an idea of what this is like. It really changes how the birds fly, and how you calculate their path.

It’s free on the Google Play Store if you get it for your Smarphone. However, it will cost you $2.99 to get a tablet version, whether it’s iPad or Android. iPhone users will have to pay a  buck, and the PC version is $4.99.


Angry Birds Star Wars for Android Phones – Link

Angry Birds Star Wars HD for Android – Link

Angry Birds Star Wars for PC – Link


Angry Birds Star Wars for iOS













Angry Birds Star Wars HD for iOS

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