Apple Begins Construction on a New Campus in Santa Carla

Apple Campus construction

Apple is having two new buildings constructed in Santa Carla as part of a new campus.

This is all in addition to the ring-shaped “spaceship” campus in Cupertino that was proposed a while back. Apple is growing quickly, and they need to make room for everything they’re doing.

Here’s a portion of the report:

One of the side-effects of Apple’s relatively rapid growth over the last 10 years has been a significant expansion in its workforce, which has resulted in Apple having to lease short-term office space all around its main headquarters. In Sunnyvale alone, the company controls a million square feet and is housing 5,000 workers. The new facility in Santa Clara, when complete, will occupy 296,000 square feet and house some 1,200 employees.

Yup. That’s growth for ya.

[via MacNN]

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