Apple Granted Patent for Polyphonic Tuning, Upcoming Logic Pro Feature?

apple patent tuning logic pro

Logic Pro is probably due for a major update sometime in the near future. Logic Pro 9 was released around late 2009 or early 2010 (we can’t find specifics on when it was first released). If the latest patent Apple has been granted is any indication of what’s to come, Logic Pro may get polyphonic tuning.

Polyphonic tuning would mean that Apple’s DAW would be able to detect tuning based on multiple notes rather than one note. For instance, you can use a tuner to tune a guitar or check the pitch of a voice. This would allow you to detect individual note pitch even when a chord is played. This is especially useful for pitch-correction such as that found in Melodyne.

Personally, I don’t know how useful it is for tuning, and why someone wanting precise tuning wouldn’t just do each individual note. Pitch-correction, however, is often used after the tracks are recorded and in a situation where the original musician or a stand-in may not be available to redo the off part. It’s often more of a last resort, or a way to fix a minor bump in an otherwise perfect recording.

Perhaps Logic Pro X is somewhere on the horizon?

[via Apple Insider]


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