Apple Removing Game Apps With ‘Memory’ in the Name, Because of a Trademark

memory game

Developers of games with the word “Memory” in their titles are being urged to change the name or face removal from the App Store. This isn’t Apple being a bully. This is because some company in Germany by the name of Ravensburger owns the trademark to the word “Memory” when relating to games in several countries.

They aren’t necessarily a troll, either. They own a board game “Memory” which is very popular, and has sold for years. However, the problem with this is that generic words like “Memory” can be trademarked for games. This means a developer with a game named something like “Memory Match” would have to change their name.

One developer had to pull their game due to time constraints, reports Gamasutra, but plans to re-submit early next year. There are several games with the word in their titles and those developers will all have to change the name or pull their app.

[via Gamasutra]

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