Checking Your iTunes Purchase History

Your iTunes history is an interesting one because all of the items you purchased from iTunes through your account should be recorded.

This is often because you will be switching different iDevices but, at least theoretically, you will not actually be switching your iTunes account.  This means that you may want to download the same file to your iPhone, or other iOS device, again if it was not properly backed up on a computer or iCloud.  To do this, or simply to see what you have bought, you will need to check the purchase history for your account.  Here is a quick guide on how to check your iTunes purchase history from your iPhone.

Start by going straight into iTunes and making sure that you are already logged in.  You will likely be indicated if you are not currently logged in.  Go into the More tab on the far right of the lower task bar.  From here go to Purchased, which will then ask you if you want to look at different categories of media such as Music, Movies, or TV Shows.  Once you get in there you will see the total number of purchases and media files in total, below which will list all of the items in alphabetic order.  There will be a tab at the top so that you can either see all of the purchased tracks or just the tracks that have been purchased yet are not currently on this iPhone.

If something happens to not actually be on the device you are using, yet is on your purchased list, you can select it and choose to initiate a new download from the item’s screen.  You will then be able to see that media file downloading in the Downloads area, which is also located in the More tab.  You should continue to have access to all media that has been purchased from iTunes when you are using your various iDevices that are all using a like account.

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