Chevy Cars Getting Siri Support Next Year


Two Chevy cars will be getting Siri integration in 2013, it was announced at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

According to reports, the models getting Siri support are actually the lower-end cars. They will come with a feature called MyLink, which is basically a system. Those who own the car and have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (both of which have Siri built-in) along with iOS 6, they can use Siri while driving without having to grab their handset.

Mentioned is an “eyes-free” mode. This leaves the iPhone screen off while drivers speak commands, and reduces likelihood that they will take their eyes off the road to look at the screen.

This will pretty much do everything Siri does. That is, call contacts, read and send messages, set reminders, etc.

[via GigaOm]

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