Deauthorizing Your Computer

Since people are constantly getting new computers, especially in professional settings, it is important to know how to maintain your Apple accounts even when you are moving from one computer to another.

It may be known on how to authorize a computer when you are ready to make it a home computer for Apple iDevices, but it may not be as easy to figure out how to deauthorize an old computer that you may be selling, donating, or giving away.  Here is a look at how to deauthorize a computer for iOS devices.

It is important to first note that you can have up to five computers authorized at a given time, so you may not need to deauthorize your computer for iTunes unless it is going to a new user.  You do not, for example, need to deauthorize your computer just so that you can authorize a new one.

To do this you will begin by going into iTunes and then selecting the iTunes Store from the left hand panel, above where you select your device.  If you are not already signed in you will need to do so with the correct sign in button, in the upper right hand corner.  If you are signed in select your account name, which will also be in the upper right hand corner.  This will appear as your email address in the same bar that has different iTunes Store options, such as Music or App Store.

Choose the arrow pull down menu from this option, and then choose the top Account option.  This will give you Account Information, with the summary of your Apple ID, the information about using iTunes with iCloud, your most recent purchase history, and the basic settings you have.  In the Account Summary section, you will see Computer Authorizations at the bottom.


Here is will say how many computers you currently have working with iTunes.  To the right of this will be a button that allows you to Deauthorize All, which will deauthorize all of the computers associated.  When you do this you will then be asked again for deauthorization and you will choose to do so.  This will then make it so that computer is not allowed to use the account, unless you choose to authorize it again

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