Desktop Charging Cradle Kit by Seidio Review

iphone dock

This is your standard iPhone dock. It allows you to plug in your device and charge it or sync (though iOS 5 introduced syncing without a cable).

If you are like us, you usually don’t think to charge your iPhone until bedtime. You may find yourself fumbling around to find the charge cable. That’s where docks come in handy. They’re usually intended to be plugged in at one spot and left there for whenever your handset needs charging.

There is nothing that stands out in particular about this dock over others, but it gets the job done and is recommended if you have an iPhone. This is because iPhones tend to hate charge docks with speakers, and will often ask you to put it in airplane mode before plugging in and listening. This is due to cellular interference. Docks without speakers allow for you to plug in your iPhone while leaving the cellular antenna on.


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