Duette, an iPad Piano App That Lets You Play Along With a Friend

Duette app


Want to play piano along with a friend on your iPad? This is the Duette app. It features two sets of keys on opposite sides of the screen. You can have a little piano duel with a buddy, or a duet. It’s up to you.

According to the App Store page, it will get some updates down the line that allow for different kinds of sounds. One thing I’d like to see, perhaps (sorry, it may be mentioned in the Reddit thread, but it’s not something I have time to look at right now), is the ability to split the keys. For instance, one side have piano sounds, and the other do something more synthetic. That’d be kind of cool to see, and I’ve always like the mashup of organic piano sounds combined with synths. That’s probably the result of growing up in the 90s and listening to too much Nine Inch Nails.

The app is free.











[Reddit via CultofMac]

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