Fender Now Offers a Guitar With a USB and 30-Pin Connector

Fender is releasing a $200 Squier Strat (Squier, is basically Fender’s entry-level line of guitars). It has a USB connector and a cable that allows you to plug it into iOS devices. The bad news is that Apple is phasing out the 30-pin connector. The good news is that you can always pick up the lightning adapter.

The cool thing is that if you use software like Logic Pro (Mac) or Garage Band for iOS and their amp modelers, you can plug your guitar directly into the iPad. Perhaps IK Multimedia’s Amplitube, which we’ve checked out in the past. It’s easy if you don’t want to have to carry around extra hardware to plug things into each other. Furthermore, the option is always there to use the standard quarter-inch jack found on most guitars and instruments.

[via iPodNN]

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