Find Polling Locations and Track Election Results With These iPhone Apps


That day is here. If you haven’t gotten your early voting done, today is your last day to go in and vote. Here are some apps that will help find some polling locations and keep track of the elections.




The first app is called Votizen. It lets you find poll locations. The bad news is that you MUST have iOS 6 if you want to use this one. That’s because it is a Passbook application. If you have iOS 6, you can go to Votizen, and fill out the information. Votizen will link your email to your Passbook card. Cool stuff.




Follow the Elections

You may want to follow the elections, but may not be at home to do it. This may be because of school, or work, or whatever else is going on in life. Luckily, there are a few apps that will let you keep track of what’s going on.


PollTracker for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad











This is just what it sounds like. It also provides analysis and provides fast updates and tracking.



Election 2012











More election coverage. This is app provides national and local information. It offers vote results, streaming video and live updates as they happen.



Allow us to get a bit preachy

Folks,we don’t care who you vote for. Seriously. Just go out and do it!

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