Gazelle Takes Steps Towards Preventing Device Theft

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Gazelle is a Gadget reseller. They are one of the most popular names when it comes to trading up your iPad or iPhone. They buy your device for a set price depending on model and condition, as well as a few other factors (do you have all the wires, box, etc?). Then you get cash and can buy your next iPad.

However, Gazelle is going to take a step towards preventing that. Devices they purchase are now going through CheckMEND. CheckMEND is a service that keeps digital records on stolen devices. Gazelle is going to check devices to ensure that they haven’t been reported stolen. If it is, they won’t pay the sender.

This is because most thieves simply want to make a quick buck. They will steal a device, and sell it off. Gazelle is an easy option, and they pay fairly well. This will just help by giving thieves one more thing to workaround. It may not totally prevent them from stealing devices, but as more services implement these sorts of tools, it can definitely start to make a significant difference.

[via VentureBeat]

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