Google is Preparing to Release Maps for iPhone

iOS 6 Maps

This morning, I asked Siri to take me to Pep Boys for my new inspection sticker. When it told me I had arrived at my destination, I was under an overpass at least half a mile away from where I wanted to go. Thanks, Apple Maps.

Luckily, I knew where Pep Boys is, I just wanted to test the app again. It’s so far, it’s been wrong three out of four times. Luckily, Google is releasing their maps app very soon. That is, according to the Wall Street Journal. They have reportedly distributed a test version to people who aren’t within the company, and they are putting the finishing touches on the app.

Still, it’s not exactly clear when the app will be submitted, other than it’s going to be fairly soon.

The app is designed to compete directly with Apple’s built-in mapping software. That’s not a bad thing. As we said, this will only encourage Apple to step up their game, and get their mapping app to be better than it was before. Furthermore, this encouraged Google to create an app that will likely be much better than the outdated Maps app iPhone users had to use before iOS 6.

[Via Wall Street Journal]


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