How to Watch Big Bang Theory On Your iPhone

WarnerBrosDay After US

Warner Bros. has released a new app for iPhone and iPad. It’s called Day After US. Users can watch popular WB shows the day after they air.

The app itself is free, but the episodes will cost you. You can watch your first episode for free, though. If anything, that lets you take a look at how well the service works.

Here are a few of the key features:

App Features Include:
• Offline playback: Download episodes directly to your device to playback at anytime
• Steaming playback: Stream an episode instantly over Wi-Fi
• Multiple languages: Watch the episodes in your language of choice
• Real-time news: Live Twitter and Facebook updates
• Explore WB catalog: Browse other app editions created by Warner Bros.
• Localized audio dubs and dynamic subtitles are available in certain languages.

Choose a series to explore

Gossip Girl
Do you know what’s going on with the Upper East-Side’s most privileged teen set? Gossip Girl, an anonymous blogger, keeps everyone up to date on the sophisticated goings-on, the treachery, the decadence and romances of these wealthy high-schoolers.

The Vampire Diaries
Mystic Falls, Virginia is home to some unsavory supernatural beings, most prominent of whom are vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Things get interesting when the brothers fall in love with Nina, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to a vampire the brothers loved in 1864.

The Big Bang Theory
A group of brainy scientist friends who understand aeronautics, physics and the inner-workings of the universe realize that they don’t know much about life until Penny, a pretty waitress moves in across the hall.












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