Hurricane Sandy Gave Map, News and Finance Apps a Boost

Apps USed during Sandy

Hurricane Sandy had a pretty devastating impact on those it hit. However, thanks to the age of smartphones, certain applications saw a boost in popularity.

Mobile ad network Velti collected data on what apps were the most-used. Navigation was number one, while finance was number two. Photography came in just after those, then news, travel and music. Sports and Weather actually saw a decline.

Navigation makes sense as people likely had to get around or evacuate, perhaps venturing into areas they were not totally familiar with. News makes sense as it would have information on what’s happening through the hurricane. Photography likely involved people taking pictures of the crazy scenery as the hurricane went on its path of destruction. Music probably provided entertainment for folks.

Whether was down in usage. That’s probably because people knew what the weather was going to be like: Lots of rain and high winds.

More important than the actual weather during those times is hurricane tracking and awareness, as well as having an escape plan. Living right on the Gulf of Mexico, I can vouch for that.

[via All Things D]

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