iPhone Emergency Alerts


Government alerts are often things that need to get directly to a citizen so that they know of an emergency that is taking place.

This is familiar to people who grew up with emergency alerts on their televisions, breaking up your favorite sit-com for tests.  Today people are less centralized around the television and remain more mobile, but there is one device that remains with you almost all of the time.  Now the iPhone has an ability to remain plugged into government emergency alerts right through the device, but you have control over it.  Here is a guide on how to use the government emergency alerts on your iPhone.



What is first important to note is that not everyone is going to have these options on their iPhone.  In recent tests, in areas like San Francisco it as only Sprint and Verizon users that had access to these settings.  This is not universal amongst even these carriers, as you will find that it is true in some areas and not in others.  This can depend on your carrier and whether or not they support these alerts.  Since this is the first incarnation of this feature you can expect it to be more universal when the iOS 7 is released.  These are available to iPhone 5 users and were a part of the Safe Port act that was written into law during the Bush Administration so that text messages could be utilized for universal emergency alerts.



For those that do have it available to them then they will find them at the bottom of the regular Settings area.  These alerts, which are called Wireless Emergency Alerts more generically, are called Government Alerts on your iPhone handset.  In here you will have Emergency Alerts and Amber Alerts, which stands for America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response and indicates missing children.  These will be On and Off switches that you can activate, and they will then run with regular notifications when relevant emergencies happen in your area.  These could also then hit into your Notifications Center, so when you check your day’s notifications they could be available in there.  Since the Emergency Alerts are more general you could expect things ranging from natural disasters and weather concerns to military or national defense alerts.

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