Leather Gloves That Work With a Capacitive Touch Screen? Oh Yeah!

mujjo touchscreen leather gloves

Using your iPhone in the extreme cold is never fun. You need to remove any gloves you may be wearing. Some gloves are designed for this, and they have removable fingertips. However, these leather gloves are designed to stay on and still make use of capacitive touch screens.

The gloves are also wind and waterproof. Of course this kind of material doesn’t come cheap. Apparently, it’s treated with some sort of nanotechnology (whoa, big words!) that mimics the conductive properties of human skin. That’s fancy. We don’t even know what the heck it means, other than it works with your iPhone or iPad.

They’re €129.95, like we said, it doesn’t come cheap. Still, if you want some nice gloves that will allow you to use your mobile device, this is going to do it.

[Mujjo via Electronista]



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