Manual Controls in Reminders

The Reminders tool on your iOS is designed to be a complete list of “to do” reminders that will initiate alerts based on the time and location.

The idea is that it will be an automated system so that you could be reminded to feed the cat at 7AM, and then call someone when you physically leave your work location.  This automatic system can be difficult to work with at times, which is why there are manual controls you can use to correct mistakes or remove items that are no longer relevant.  Here is a guide on how to use manual controls in Reminders on your iPhone.

Reminders is all about things being properly scheduled out so that you can see what you need to do in what order, and so the Reminders do not come inappropriately or out of sequence.  One you have a list of Reminders available to you, it is easy enough to go ahead and re-arrange them if you find that they are not in the order that you would like.  You do not need to go into some type of auto setting when you can just manually re-order them to fit the configuration that you prefer.


Go to the Edit button in the upper right hand corner, which will make the buttons to the right and left of each reminder entry change.  Now it will have a red circle with a white line through it to the left, and a three bar button to the right.  If you select that three-barred button you can then move the selection up or down in relation to the others until you find the position that you would like it to be in.  You can do this with several selections before choosing the Done button, which will render Reminders back to its normal appearance.

The same process goes if you would like to delete an item.  Hit the Edit button in the right hand corner, and you will notice the red circle next to the item.  If you press this then the white line that goes through it horizontally will turn vertical and a red Delete button will appear to its right.  IF you press that Delete button the item will be removed from the Reminders list.

You also do not have to rely on built in stock locations for Reminders to send you the notification at, which can be irrelevant when you are at a new or unique location.  Since Reminders is often built to remind you of something when you arrive or leave that location, you will need to enter correct coordinates for the location you want to be at.  When the selection has already been enter and is on the list, hit the right arrow to the right of it.  This will take you to a Details menu where you will need to turn the Remind Me at a Location switch to On.  Below that you can select a box to enter in the Location, though it may try to use your current location automatically.  At the bottom of the Location menu you will be able to enter in the address of the location you will be at, which it will use Maps to locate upon your arrival.  Once you are finished with that you can return to the Details menu and then determine if you want it to alert you when you arrive, when you leave, or some other option.


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