Melody by Supertooth Review

bluetooth headphones supertooth

This a a Bluetooth headset by Melody. They also make the Crystal hands-free car accessory.

Because it works through Bluetooth, that means it’s compatible with multiple devices, not just the iPhone. We found that it tends to be used most around the house. For instance, we can leave the iPhone or iPad plugged into the computer or wall while listening to music as we clean up around the room.

It’s also ideal for working out if you have a home gym. Often times, I will go work out at my mom’s house during the week. Sometimes workout shorts don’t have pockets. Sometimes, you are just a bit paranoid about dropping your iPhone while working out. (Elliptical machines and falling iPhones probably don’t end well. I’m not going to try to find out.) It’s nice to be able to put the iPhone on a stable surface or plug it in, and work out without having to worry about dropping it or sweating all over it.


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