Microsoft May Get Into the Business of Building Their Own Hardware


Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, recently dropped some heavy hints indicated that the company may start building their own hardware. This is a strategy much like Apple’s. Microsoft’s Surface tablet is the first computer the company has manufactured.

We recently heard that the company may be working on their own Smartphone, but they refused to comment on the matter. It’s entirely possible. Recently, Ballmer spoke at a tech event in Santa Clara, CA and said that Microsoft’s partners will continue to build most Windows devices over the next five years, but mentioned that the company will build more machines like the Surface, according to AppleInsider.

Ballmer also called Google’s Android too wild and uncontrolled, and iOS too expensive and too closed. He said that the Windows Phone platform lies somewhere in the middle. Sounds like fightin’ words to us. Maybe he feels that Microsoft has a better answer.


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