Milky Way / Cotton Candy by Bling My Thing Co.

Milky Way Cotton candy

This is more on the cute side. It’s a clear case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with Swarovski elements.

It’s one of those elegant-type cases. It’s pretty, and colorful. It also has a screen protector and microfiber cloth. The cloth is handy for wiping things down not only on a regular basis, but before you put the screen protector on for the first time. Nothing is more annoying than a spec of dust under the protector.

That said, we don’t use cases often. When we do, we like clear, unobtrusive cases. As for screen protectors, those tend to stay in the packaging or get tossed away with us. It just seems to take a lot away from the beautiful screen. Sure, it’s nice to have a small layer of protection, because nothing sucks more than a scratched screen (except for maybe a cracked screen) but it’s still annoying when you know those little scratches are there. For whatever reason, though, the screen protector tends to be more annoying than any minor scratches. Even then, it’s something that may work for others.


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