Q Card Case by cm4 Review

Q Card Case by CM4

The QCard Case by CM4 is an iPhone case, but it adds some of the functionality of a wallet.

We like cases like this one because they make it easy to carry around everything you need without extra stuff. Typically, my wallet goes in one pocket, and my iPhone goes in the other. This makes it easier to just have everything you need. It’s great when you are leaving the house and just want to pick up your phone and head out.

The only concern some may have is that if you lose your iPhone, you lose your wallet. If you lose your wallet, you lose your iPhone. Depending on how you look at it, this can be good or bad. On one hand, you may be able to track your device with find my iPhone, effectively finding your wallet as well. On the other, when you do lose it, you feel like you’ve lost all of your personal belongings.

Still, it’s a nice case, and you can always just use it to carry an ID and a little cash and/or one card if you don’t feel safe having too much on hand.



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