R&D Spending At Apple Went Up by $1 Billion in 2012


Apple published their form 10-K for 2012. It details financials for the company for the last three years. It’s stuff investors look at, so that they can know where money is going and all that jazz.

It looks like Apple increased R&D spending. This is up $1 billion from 2011.

Ars goes into details about Apple’s stockpiles of cash:

Other numbers have increased significantly as well. Apple is sitting on $121 billion worth of cash and equivalents, up from $81 billion at the end of fiscal 2011 and more than double the $51 billion hoard it was sitting on in fiscal 2010. Total sales were $156 billion, up 45 percent year-over-year from $108 billion. Profits totaled $41.7 billion, up 61 percent year-over-year. Gross margins for 2012 were 43.9 percent, up from 40.5 percent (and still much higher than most competitors).

Part of Apple’s report also mentions, “The Company expects competition in these markets to intensify significantly as competitors attempt to imitate some of the features of the Company’s products and applications within their own products or, alternatively, collaborate with each other to offer solutions that are more competitive than those they currently offer.”

Looks like Apple is hoping to do nothing more than stay ahead of their competition.

[via ArsTechnica]

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