Report: iPad Mini 2 Getting Retina Display, Manufacturing Begins Soon

iPad mini in hand

Is anyone truly surprised? Probably not.

It’s being reported that the iPad mini 2 is going to get a Retina display. The truth is we all expected that. In fact, many expected it up until reliable reports came in saying that it would be low resolution, like pre-Retina iOS devices.

According to the reports, Apple is getting ready to start production on Retina screens for the iPad mini. That’s probably not far from the truth. They want to have plenty in order to meet demand, and if they plan on updating their entire iProduct line, they may have to begin manufacturing fairly early.

It’s also worth noting that there are also reports that Apple is beginning initial runs of the iPhone 5S, but this is likely to test production. True or not, it’s likely that Apple does plan to release an iPhone 5S soon, and that they do plan for a Retina iPad mini.

[via HardMac]

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