Report: iPhone User Loyalty Seeing its First Decline Ever

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This is according to research firm Strategy Analytics. For the first time since Apple introduced the iPhone, users are considering switching platforms with their next device. The decline isn’t huge. It’s down to 88 percent from 93 percent surveyed last year.

Western Europe has seen a more significant drop. It’s down to 75 percent from 88 percent last year.

Still, there is more to those numbers than what’s there. It’s a different pool of users. There are always people adopting new platforms, whether switching from iOS to Android or Windows, or vice-versa.

That’s not to say that loyalty isn’t down. It’s just a reminder to remember that there are several factors that affect those numbers. Increased competition, and many more options just mean that smartphone manufacturers have to work harder to maintain consumer interest. This sort of competition is good.

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