Report: Microsoft Working on Their Own Smartphone Design



There are reports that Microsoft is working on their own smartphone design. This is a new practice with the company, and it started with the Surface tablet.

This is closer to how Apple does things. That is, create their own software and hardware.

If the Wall Street Journal’s sources are to be believed, Microsoft is testing out the design with suppliers. However, it’s unknown if they will mass-produce the handset.

It’s reported that the screen being tested lies somewhere between four and five inches. This lies in the middle, size-wise, of the iPhone 5 (4 inches) and the Galaxy S III (4.8).

The Surface has already caused some manufacturers to be upset, as they typically make the hardware the Microsoft’s software runs on. Furthermore, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declined to comment on whether or not the company is making a smartphone.

[via WSJ]

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