Report: The iPad Mini Isn’t Eating into iPad Sales

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According to a recent survey, the iPad mini isn’t cannibalizing iPad sales. However, it does seem to be replacing PCs. Again, the survey is just that, a survey.

It was thought that the iPad mini would cut into sales of the full-sized iPad. It doesn’t seem to be going that way, according to a survey by Cowen & Co. The survey was conducted on a group of 1,225 US adults. 12 percent of them said they want to pick up an iPad mini within the next 18 months. Of that 12 percent, 52 percent had never owned a tablet before. In other words, that’s new buyers–not iPad 3 owners.

The survey also shows that 16.6 percent were buying the iPad mini with plans of replacing another device. Of those, 42 percent were replacing a Windows PC. That said, the iPad mini is replacing iPads for 29 percent of those folks.

[via CultofMac]

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