Setting Email VIP Lists


The iPhone’s email system is adding for much more detail, which is important as we add contacts and include longer lists of emails.

People may want to then organize their emails and email contacts into VIP lists, with the most important people in a special place where you can look quickly.  Here is a look at how you can set these VIP sections in your iPhone’s Mail app with the iOS 6 update.


The VIP list can begin to form organically when you are working in your Mail app by choosing the senders that you want to be included in it.  This is similar to the mail app that you can find in the Mac OS Mountain Lion version on your desktop or laptop Mac.  This means that you do not have to go determine the VIP list in the Settings, or hit a switch that will activate it.


When you are in the Mail section go into an email sent by a user you would like to add to the VIP list.  Select the name of the user from the send line above the email.  This will bring up a new screen with the email address for it, and options to Create New Contact or to Add to Existing Contact.  At the very bottom will be an Add to VIP button, which you will press.


When you do this the email address will have a blue star next to it, and the button will change to Remove from VIP.  You can then go back into this screen at any time if you want to remove that email address from your VIP list.

You can then make it so that you will receive notifications when you get emails from your VIP senders rather than just emails in general.  Go into settings and then select Notifications, which will be right under Do Not disturb.  Go down to Mail and then select VIP, which will be at the bottom of the Mail screen below the listings of the available email accounts.

When you select it you can choose to turn the notifications On, as well as all the regular notification options such as the alert style, the alert sound, the badge icon, and others.  If you want to then actually distinguish the VIP emails in terms of notifications, you will need to turn off notifications in the regular email accounts.  This will ensure that you only receive notifications from your VIP email, though you do not need to do this to know that they are from the VIP list, as it will indicate this in the alert.

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