Setting Multiple Email Signatures

Email signatures are a nice way of adding pertinent information about yourself, including contact information or additional professional resources.

This is incredibly important for work or job applications, and this is something that people do from their smartphone as well as their computer.  Now that people have multiple email accounts that they access from their iPhone account, there is not one signature that usually works for all accounts.  Here is a guide on how to add multiple email signatures to your iPhone email accounts.

To begin this process, go into Settings like you would if you were just normally adding an email signature.  Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, from the fourth block of options directly under iCloud.  Go down and choose Signature, which will be under Increase Quote Level and above Default Account.

This is where you would be setting your normal iPhone email signature, which you can still enter for an across-account basis.  Select Per Account instead of All Accounts at the top.  This will then change the signature box to multiple boxes equal to the number of accounts you have attached to your iPhone.  If you have two accounts attached to your iPhone, then you will now be able to enter in two signatures.  When you type in a new signature it will be saved and then will be added to the end of your email.

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