Setting Notifications from Multiple Email Accounts

The iOS 6 took an overhaul to communication and social networking functions, adding more features to make the iPhone a solid device for messaging from multiple types of platforms.

Email is central to the smart phone use, and now many people are using several accounts for different purposes.  Whether it is personal, work, school, or organizational email accounts, users often have multiples that they need to remain aware of at all times.  Here is a look at how to set up notifications for multiple email accounts with the iOS 6 update.

The first thing you will have to do is make sure that you have multiple email accounts attached to your iPhone.  Start by going into Settings and then going down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, which is in the fourth block of options right below iCloud.  Here you can look at the accounts you already have attached, which will likely include your iCloud account.  You can then choose to Add Account, which will bring you up the basic options to choose what service provider you have and then the log in information.

Continue by going into Settings and then selecting Notifications, which is near the top right under Do Not Disturb.  Go down and find Mail, which will be under In Notification Center if it is already set for notifications, and in Not in Notification Center if it is not.  This will appear as such if you have an individual account or if you have not attached a second account.

If you enter and you have the immediate option to choose between two accounts then you will have two accounts properly set for your iPhone and will be able to set notifications for them independently of each other.  Go into one and you will get the regular notification settings.  This will include the Notification Center On and Off switch at the top, which is how you actually choose to set notifications on that account.  You can turn this to Off if you want one of your accounts to not notify you, or you can keep it On if you want notifications from all attached accounts.   Below there will be further options such as the appearance of the Alert Style whether or not there is a Badge icon, what the New Mail alert sound will be, and if you want it to show a preview of the email in the alert.  At the bottom will be an On and Off switch determining whether or not you want to view the alert in the lock screen.

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