Switching Panoramic Photo Direction


The iPhone’s Panoramic photography option is something that makes this new iOS really stand out, and puts forward the idea that smart phones will eventually consume the digital photography market entirely.

The idea with the Panoramic photographic feature on the iPhone is that you can choose this option and then scan a given area along an axis, getting a long image that would require motion to capture an image of.  This means that it is more than what would simply be seen by the camera in a stable position all by itself.

This is set up in the iOS 6 so that when you select it you will begin moving left to right to get the whole panorama, but this can be limiting to people who may be trying to do this quickly and from a specific viewpoint.  There is actually an easy trick that you can do to make it so that the iPhone’s Panoramic photography function will work right to left as well.

When you open up the iPhone camera, go to the button in the top middle of the screen that says Panoramic.  This will then give you an image that shows that you will need to move the iPhone continuously while taking the Panoramic photo, and the arrow indicates that this motion is right to left.  Simply tap that that arrow and it will switch to the other side of the visible track, now showing that you can go right to left.  You can then continue with the Panoramic photo on your iPhone camera just as you would normally, yet with a different trajectory.

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