Uploading Groups of Photos to Facebook


Now that Facebook has been integrated into almost every area of the iOS through the iOS 6 update, there are tools to help you include social networking in almost all areas of mobile communication.

Facebook has been especially known for its use of large photo albums and the ability to tag both people and locations in them.  Now that this is tied to the increasingly versatile iPhone camera and Photos app, the possibilities have really increased.  Now there are ways to not just upload one photo at a time through the Facebook app, but to actually upload groups of photos right from the Photos app itself.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to import groups of photos to Facebook.

Start by going into the Photos app and looking into your albums, finding a group of photos you would like to share.  Hit the Edit button in the upper right hand corner, which is also the button you choose if you want to delete photos.  Begin selecting each photo in the group that you want to upload to Facebook, and when you choose one you will get a check mark in a red circle on the item so that you know it has been selected.

Hit the Share button in the lower left hand corner.  This will give you options for Facebook, as well as iMessages, email, as well as to Print using AirPrint and to copy for a later paste.  If you choose Facebook you will get a status update prompt with the photos attached.  There will an image to indicate the image and a number below it to indicate how many photos there are.  You can add text and then post it and it will upload to your Facebook.

If you want to add to Twitter you can do the same process, except you can only add a single image.  Twitter will restrict you to one image at a time in this format as it is not a place where you post a library of images and there are strict limitations on postings.

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