Using a Song for Your Alarm


One nice feature that is relatively new to the iPhone, yet makes perfect sense for this particular smartphone, is that you can begin to assign a song to an alarm.

It used to be that you could only select an alarm tone, similar to a ringtone, to your alarm.  This means that the alarm available to you on your iPhone was a stock one, but did not tap into the wealth of sounds available in the Music section.  This has been added to the iPhone and you can now select songs from your Music section for your alarm, which is perfect since many users sync over their entire MP3 library to their iPhone.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a select song for your alarm sound on your iPhone.

To begin you go into the Clock app like normal.  Go to the alarm tab, next to the regular World tab.  Go to the “+” button in the upper right hand corner to select Add Alarm.  Here you will be able to set the time for the alarm, whether or not you want it to repeat, whether the snooze button is available, and what kind of label you want to put on it.  There is a sound option, directly under Repeat, which you will select.

Here you have the option to buy new ringtones at the top, and then there will be a section for Songs.  Here you can select a song that you have already chosen, or go to the bottom of this list and then choose Pick a Song.

This will take you to your Music library and you can then find a song that you would like to wake up to and then choose it.  This will take you back to the Sound menu where your song will be listed with a check mark to the right of it, which will appear so that you know that this is the song that has been selected. At the bottom of the sound list will be a Ringtone list that you could also choose if you wanted a more traditional alarm sound to accompany it.

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