Using Social Networking from Notifications

The Notifications Center is what we use to centralize all the different notifications that we get from different apps, communications sources, and utilities.

This now allows for a single place to collect and control the notifications that may come from text messages, social networking, phone calls, and everything else.  Now that both Facebook and Twitter are deeply integrated into all areas of the iPhone for social networking, you can also find it integrated into the Notifications Center.

If you are trying to figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter with the Notification Center on the iPhone you will find that you can post to both directly from this tool.  Start by going into Settings and choose Notifications, directly under Do Not Disturb.  Go down to the In Notification Center section and choose Share Widget, which is below Weather Widget and above Phone.  Make sure that in here the switch is set to On next to Notification Center.

Now go ahead and pull down the Notification Center from the top, which really just means dragging your finger from the top to the bottom of the iDevice display.  This will open up the Notification Center that has everything including Calendars, Reminders, iMessages, and everything else that you may be notified about.  Towards the top, above the different lists of notifications, will be a button for Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post for Facebook.


When you select one of these then you will be given a posting prompt where you can post a message directly to either.  The idea here is that you can easily post to your social networking accounts when looking at the different notifications, as if they are set to play into each other.  This message does not necessarily have to be tied directly to information in the Notification Center, and instead will appear as an autonomous message.

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