Using Social Networking From Safari

Twitter has been fully integrated since the iOS 5, but Facebook has added a whole new dimension for social networking from the iPhone.

Between the two of them, the features have exceeded what was normally available and it now seems as though you can update your status or send a tweet from almost every area of the iOS.  Whether it is in Photos, while using Siri, or even when checking Notifications, there are options for Twitter and Facebook almost everywhere there is.    This includes internet browsing with the iPhone’s built in internet tool: Safari.  Here is a look at how to update Twitter and Facebook from Safari.

If you are in Safari and look at an article or page you want to share you begin by going to small button below that looks like a curved arrow leaving a box.  This will give you a number of different options to share or manage the page.  You can email, iMessage, Print, Copy, Bookmark the page, or add to your Reading List.  You can also add it as your Homepage if you want to constantly return to it.

Beyond that you can also share the article with both Twitter and Facebook.  When you select one of these it will open up a prompt for that update.  You can then see the article that you want to share and then you can add text to the update or Tweet that you want to share.  Then just hit the Post or Tweet button and it will be added to your feed as normal.  This will work identically to when you hit a Share option when browsing on your regular computer.

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