Using Text Expansion Shortcuts

The text functions in the iPhone, and other iOS devices, are really based around the text shortcuts.

This is a tool that allows you to use a shorter text phrase to indicate a full word or phrase.  This is done because it may allow you to type out common words quicker, making the process for text messages and typing emails go even faster.  This tool usually recognizes certain words and phrases through their shortcut, but it does not automatically know certain words that may be unique to the user.  There is a way, however, to add these words to your iPhone’s text shortcut list that could then allow you to have even more words work for the shortcuts.  Here is a look at how to create text expansion shortcuts for your iPhone or other iDevice.

If you want to add these you can go into your Settings and then choose General, which is at the top of the fourth block of options.  Go down to Keyboard, which is below Date & Time and above Internationally.   In the Keyboard menu go down to Shortcuts, where the default will be listed as OMW for On My Way.

Here you can add a different one where you add the phrase itself and then put the shortcut below that.  This is the text that you will enter to indicate the actual phrase that will be entered.  When you do this you will replace OMW, but will not add an additional one.

If you do want to add a new one you will go to the Add New Shortcut button below that.  This will take you to an identical screen, but here you will be enter a completely new Phrase and Shortcut.  This one is unique and will be added to the list below OMW.  Now when you go back into the Shortcuts that lists OMW as the default, the list will now have your additional one.  This text expansion shortcut will now be available when you are typing and it will let you continue with it in the different text functions in that device.


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