Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail by Octa Review

WhaleTail Stand iPad

Here’s a clever little iPad stand. Actually, it works with several tablets and devices, such as Kindles and anything else with a smooth, flat surface.

It’s essentially a strong suction cup that you place on the back of your device. Squeeze the button on the side a few times, and it creates a suction that keeps your device tightly secured. It’s also designed so that you can easily release the device as well.

It’s called WhaleTail because its base actually looks like a whale’s tail. It has the two tail fins, and is entirely bendable. This means you can shape it to fit on whatever surface you place it. It can also be used as a handle, and the half-sphere shape actually fits rather comfortably in the hand.

The fact that it’s simple and versatile makes it one of the more enjoyable stands we’ve used. Depending on the case you purchase, it can work with those as well.


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