Warning: Don’t Buy This App



Looks like another janky app has made its way to the App Store. Apple tries to filter these out, but it seems that the occasional junk app makes it through.

This one is called IntelliScreenX. It claims to be some sort of notification center for the lock screen. However, CultofMac reports that it is simply “a nasty alarm clock.”

The developers apparently named it after a popular jailbreak tweak and even used screenshots from the application.

Here’s what the report says:

The App Store description promises to offer status bar notification icons for missed calls and texts, the ability to read and reply to emails from the lock screen, access to quick settings like brightness and airplane mode, and lots more. But again, these are not things that you’ll get with this app.

They also mention that (up until recently, at least) the application had 27 five-star reviews. However, it seems that news is out, and there are lots of bad, bad reviews for the application. We won’t bother linking to the app, because it’s not worth your click.

[via CultofMac]

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