Apple Denied Permanent Injunction on Infringing Apple Products



Here’s a new development in the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung. Judge Lucy Koh has denied a permanent injunction against infringing Samsung products.

In other words, Apple wanted to permanently ban sales of Samsung products said to be infringing on Apple’s patents. This would have banned 26 Samsung devices. However, Judge Koh said that these infringed patents made up a very small portion of the features in Samsung’s devices. These features were not enough to justify a total ban on the devices.

According to CultofAndroid, Judge Koh also denied Samsung’s misconduct argument. They alleged that jury foreman Velvin Hogan was biased against Samsung. Turns out he had worked for Seagate and he had been in a lawsuit involving the company. Samsung has become the main shareholder. However, Koh said that Hogan said he worked for Seagate during the jury selection process, and if Samsung’s legal team had done their homework, they would have found that information early on.


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