clipSYNC Charge & Sync Cable for iPod, iPad and iPhone (30-Pin)


It’s hard to say how much longer we will have use for 30-pin connectors. Some of us will still make use of our older-generation Apple devices (I am likely going to have my iPad 3 for the next two years) but after that, I won’t have a need for such a connector.

That said, the next two years is a pretty long time and a lot of charges for the foreseeable future. A charge and sync cable like this one will definitely come to good use.

What we particularly like about cables like this one is that it’s designed to go with you everywhere, and avoid tangles. I can’t stuff my cables into any bag without pulling them out a few hours later and thinking, “Whoa! How did I end up with this hot mess of tangled wires?”

This alleviates that, at least in the case of your iOS stuff.

You can check it out here.

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