Extreme Grid for iPhone by G-Form

iPhone Gform grid cases black yellow

G-Form. They make some of the most protective cases around, a fact they like to show off by dropping iOS devices from extreme heights.

The’ve dropped things from planes, balconies and space. They’ve hit iPhones with hockey sticks, and more. Their Extreme Grid case is another one for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The case is made up of the main case, plus some bumpers that cover the entire design in little squares that form a grid. They absorb most of the impact when the handset takes a hit.

For being one of the larger, or bulkier cases (designed with more protection in mind, of course) it’s not actually an ugly case. A lot of cases tend to choose protection over form, and that isn’t always nice, either.

Take a look at it here.

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