iPhone-Controlled Stunt Car Racer by iHelicopters

iphone stunt car

This is the Stunt Car Racer by iHelicopters. We’ve played with their stuff before, and it’s still a cool little toy.

It’s basically an RC car that’s controlled with your iOS device and a companion app. It’s a fast little car, and you will want to have a large play area, because it’s easy to crash if you don’t designate enough space for the little dude to cruise around in.

There is a downside. It’s the battery life. It will run you about 10-15 minutes. For an adult who likes cool little toys, that may be enough. It will entertain you for a few minutes, then you put it away to charge. However, it’s not going to last long enough to keep a kid happy. They will likely want more time out of it, and won’t want to have to charge it constantly.

It’s a small, $50 toy. So it’s much less expensive than some of what’s out there, and may entertain the big kid in the family.

You can take a look at it here.

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