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iRig Mic

As a member of the press, this is one of my favorite accessories for iPhone. As a side-note, I write for a handful of websites and publications. Having a recorder handy is important.

My iPhone doubles as my recording device. That’s because I always have it with me. This accessory is a small microphone that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone. It’s made to reduce noise and can handle input at two levels. One is ideal for louder settings (it reduces the gain on the microphone so that incoming sounds are not too loud) and one for quieter settings, which turns up the gain, so that things that aren’t as loud can be picked up better.

It’s portable, and can easily be thrown in your laptop bag. It’s also much more durable than we originally thought. I was worried about it being bent or dented in my bag under the weight of some of the other things I carry. Nope. It held up wonderfully.

As a bonus, it comes with a small stand for your iPhone. It’s just a small, plastic folding accessory for your iPhone, but it works well for setting your handset on a table for an interview and not having to move it back and forth to adjust to be closer to the person who’s talking.

The biggest plus about this accessory, and the stand is that they work with all the iPhone models. In fact, they work with all iOS devices. The stand will be too small for the iPad, but the microphone will work just find with it or the iPod touch. So long as there is a recording app and a headphone jack, it works.

Take a look at the accessory here.


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