List of What’s New in iOS 6.1 Beta



Developers get to use iOS 6.1 beta right now. Don’t worry, it’s beta, and it’s just designed to help them spot any potential problems before release. What’s new? Let’s take a look.

– Changes to iCloud Setup: You will now need to confirm your Apple ID for FaceTime and iMessage. You can also confirm how you’d like people to reach you (phone number, email).

– Passbook Sample Card Update: UK updates for Sample Card, Mobie tickets now say “cinema tickets,” etc.

– Reset Advertising Identifier Now Works

– Voice Dial Only: It sets up Siri for voice dialing-only. Cult of Mac uses the example that if you say “Call Tom Morrison” the iPhone won’t mistake it for “Play Morrisey.” (Good one, guys.)

– New Cellular Data Option in iTunes: This lets you download songs over your cellular connection. Well, it toggles the option, actually.


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