More Speculation and Wishful Thinking About Apple HDTV

Apple TV set rumor under tree

There have been rumors for at least the last two years about Apple releasing an HDTV in the near future.

The company has kept quiet on the subject, but there is plenty of speculation, and plenty of rumors abound. All Things D, which is usually spot-on with their Apple rumors, has put together a lengthy feature about the rumored TV set.

Much of it seems like speculation, but we’re sure that it’s based on some of the rumblings they’ve heard over the past year or so.

They create a hypothetical design, and feature set as well as an interesting companion device that reminds us a good deal of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360, a motion-sensing camera system that works in conjunction with the console for navigation through menus and for gameplay.

It’s very interesting, and perhaps some of it is wishful thinking, but their sources are good, and we’re sure they aren’t just pulling most of it out of thin air.

[via All Things D]

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