Nielsen: Smartphone Use Surpasses That of Feature Phones

Top iOS Apps

Nielsen has released data about smartphone use. Smartphone use has surpassed that of feature phones. Around the beginning of 2012, smarphones made up 49 percent of the market. By the third quarter, it was up to 56 .

During that third quarter, Android made up just over half of US smartphone marketshare at 52 percent. iOS had 35 percent and BlackBerry was far behind both at seven percent. Windows Phone came in at two percent. The rest combined made up five percent.

The Nielsen data shows top apps for each platform. Maps was number one for iOS. Obviously that is bound to change now that it’s a different mapping app, and many users are not thrilled with Apple Maps.

Facebook was the second most-used application for iPhone. I check mine multiple times a day, so I can believe that. YouTube is right behind it. The chart is above.

[via Electronista]

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